Why "garlic" and "egg yolk"?

Increases the absorption rate of garlic compounds by the body!

Combining garlic with egg yolk helps the body better absorb garlic than taking it on its own.

It has been scientifically proven that taking garlic together with egg yolk leads to a higher absorption rate than taking garlic on its own.

Kenkou Kazoku conducted clinical trials as part of in-depth research.
In these trials, it was scientifically proven that the blood concentration of compounds found in garlic was higher in participants taking processed Garlic & Egg Yolk powder with a more efficient absorption rate than in those taking garlic powder on its own.

omparison of S-Allylcysteine (SAC) absorbability

※Source: Partially edited from Japanese Pharmacology & Therapeutics Vol. 46 No.2018
“Change in S-Allylcysteine and Alliin Levels in the Blood Following Ingestion of Test Foods”

Patented in three countries

Garlic and egg yolk mutually enhance the nutritional benefits. We have acquired a patent to support this notion.

Japanese Patent Number PAT NO.6154939
Garlic & Egg Yolk

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