Japanese Wisdom
Garlic & Egg Yolk

Japan is one of the countries with the highest life expectancy.
The traditional Japanese diet, very different from our American diet, supports longevity.
A holistic approach to eating fresh and unprocessed organic food has led the Japanese to optimal health.

Garlic & Egg Yolk
Garlic & Egg Yolk

Garlic & Egg Yolk, Japan's best-selling
garlic health supplement for 20 years straight

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What is ”Garlic & Egg Yolk?”

Garlic & Egg Yolk

Garlic egg yolk is a common natural health food in Japan. This superfood is enjoyed by families all over the country as a superfood because both garlic and egg yolk are highly nutritious. In the past 30 years, it has been refined as a dietary supplement in Japan for easier ingestion.

This supplement is good for you when:

 You struggle to get up in the morning

 You constantly feel listless

 You want to live each day filled with vitality

 You feel exhausted after work

Want to know more?

How well does it sell in Japan?

Garlic & Egg Yolk is a long-selling product that has been on the market for 30 years. Much loved by people all around Japan, a total of more than 150 million bags have been sold to date.

Are quality and safety assured?

Ingredients include organic garlic produced on our farm. We are committed to conserving the environment through circular organic farming methods free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. We are proud of our original garlic grown on the farm which contains two to three times more of the compound called GSAC compared to other garlic brands. GSAC has antioxidant effects and makes garlic a superfood.

Is it easy to take? What about the smell?

Garlic & Egg Yolk uses soft, easy-to-swallow, and plant-derived capsules. Made from corn starch and seaweed, these capsules are safer and more heat-resistant, softer, and easier to swallow than animal product-based capsules. They are also tightly sealed to keep the garlic odor at bay.

What sets Garlic & Egg Yolk apart from other products?

Garlic & Egg Yolk contains flaxseed oil, which has increasingly gained attention for its health benefits. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which people today tend to lack.

Why "garlic" and "egg yolk"?

Garlic & Egg Yolk

Garlic and egg yolk is the perfect combination for balanced nutrition.

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Garlic & Egg Yolk

Combining garlic and egg yolk helps the body absorb garlic faster than taking it on its own

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What our customers say

Garlic & Egg Yolk helps me sleep soundly at night and enables me to power through a full day of work the next day. My job is physically demanding, and this product is a source of vitality for me.


I chose Garlic & Egg Yolk because I wanted something that was good for me. I'm thankful that I'm able to enjoy every day full of energy.


I used to get sick every winter, but since I've started taking Garlic & Egg Yolk every day, I'm able to get through the winter in good health.


Our commitment
to the SDGs

We are committed to realizing a sustainable society and addressing the SDGs.


 We have our farm that protects the earth through organic farming.

We research compounds beneficial to health at the Garlic Research Institute.

 We use soft, easy-to-swallow, and plant-derived capsules.

 We manufacture safe and reliable products at our own environmentally-friendly plant.

Garlic & Egg Yolk

Try ”Garlic & Egg Yolk," the wisdom of Japan!

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